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The pool officer is a person whose goal is to make sure that customers keep enjoying clean and safe pool water.

What are the responsibilities of the swimming pool operator?

The pool officer usually has the following responsibilities:

They manage the operations of the pool mechanical systems, technical servicing, chemical treatment, and filtration in order to keep it clean, to extend the life of the equipment and of the pool itself, and to provide customers with constant quality service.

The pool officer regularly checks the pool water to ensure the proper chemical, bacterial and pH balance.

They perform periodic checks of the chemicals and maintain a regular schedule of disinfection in order to ensure that the water quality meets the established standards, and use chemicals as needed.

They make sure the pool is safe to use and its water temperature is optimal, in the case of heated pools.

They check that the pool equipment is updated for ensuring the safety of customers and employees, as well as whether it is being properly stored. They organize the space around the facility so that there are no hazardous materials, objects or dirt near it.

They develop and maintain a strict cleaning schedule for all areas around the pool and furniture, the cleaning of the dirty drain of the pool, the drain pipes and the whole drainage system in and around the pool.

They check and ensure that the filters are backwashed, that the chlorine pumps and chemical controllers are in good working condition, and that the pump filter baskets and chlorine pump lines are clean.

They keep the pump clean and functional, and makes sure that the entire inventory is well stocked and in the right place.

They make sure that the chemicals room meets the respective norms and that it is adequately stocked with chemicals in good order, and that the chlorine drums are full.

The pool officer maintains the directional signs, showers, restrooms, locker rooms, drinking fountains, chair lifts, diaper changing areas, floors, walls, partitions, doors, and lockers.

They constantly communicate with supervisors in order to improve the procedures and standards on site.

They verify the information about the membership of participants and guests using the pool services.

They manage the technical staff, instructors and lifeguards, plan and organize the work of the subordinate staff.

They establish and maintain a professional and positive attitude with their co-workers, the Management and regular customers.

They are responsible for the installation of swimming lanes, a board and the accompanying equipment in order to prepare the pool and its adjacent areas for swimming competitions and other sports events.

They supervise the swimming activities, and react, if necessary, promptly and adequately in emergency situations.

They take care of the routine maintenance of the property and the preventative maintenance, including off-season electrical, plumbing, HVAC, painting and carpentry work.

They create and keep regular notes of the relevant activities, use a computer and the relevant applications whenever necessary.

A successful pool officer does their job with plenty of love and dedication. They make the most of the opportunity to work outdoors and to interact with like-minded and qualified professionals while turning the workplace under their responsibility into an environment that is pleasant for themselves.

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