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What is the HealthySwim technology?

HealthySwim is an innovative technology for water disinfection and water treatment by hydrolysis and electrolysis. This technology eliminates the use of disinfectants and reduces the necessity of using any other chemical treatments. Process automation allows remote checking and adjustment of water parameters, elimination of manual chemical dosing, and the optimization of maintenance costs.

What are the advantages of using the HealthySwim technology?

  • Peace of mind and security that your pool is truly disinfected.
  • Safety as there are no chemical disinfectants to handle, store or buy.
  • Comfort for all without unpleasant odours and irritations.
  • Healthy and crystal clear water that does not irritate the eyes or dry the skin.
  • Environmentally friendly.

Is the water in a swimming pool using the HealthySwim technology suitable for children and babies?

Absolutely! The water is completely disinfected, crystal clear, soft, and pleasant. No eye and skin irritation.

Do I need to add chlorine if I use the HealthySwim system?

Upon using this technology there is no need to add chlorine or work with harmful chemicals.  One of the benefits of HealthySwim is that the system monitors and regulates the necessary levels of disinfectant in your pool water.

Is the maintenance of pools using HealthySwim more expensive compared to the traditional chlorinated pools?

Actually, where our technology is integrated, pool maintenance costs are much lower because you no longer need to purchase chlorine tablets and any other chemicals for the purpose of balancing water chemical levels. Furthermore, it saves about half the time previously spent on water balance.

How does swimming in a pool with an integrated HealthySwim system affect my skin?

Our system provides a natural, user-friendly way to disinfect pool water without using any harsh chemicals. So the pool water feels cleaner, softer and gentler on one’s skin.  Unpleasant and intrusive chlorine odours are eliminated.

Will my eyes get red or itchy in a pool using the HealthySwim technology?

No! This is one of the numerous benefits of our technology – the water is gentle on skin, hair and eyes. Many pool owners using this technology discover that chlorine rash related symptoms are relieved after transforming the pool with HealthySwim.

Can a traditional chlorinated pool be converted into a pool that doesn't need further addition of chlorine?

Yes! There are no problems related to the introduction of the HealthySwim system into an already existing pool. In fact, the system will result in a more stable water chemistry balance.  However, it is necessary to have an on-site consultation in any case in order to determine if your pool can be converted. Contact HealthySwim today for a consultation.

Should I use chemical products following the installation of the HealthySwim system?

The HealthySwim system fully regulates and completely disinfects the pool water, thus eliminating the necessity of using any chemical products.

The Pools,
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Find a pool certified by HealthySwim water purification technology

The Pools,
that love you

Find a pool certified by HealthySwim water purification technology

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