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The innovative
service for swimming pools

with guaranteed results according to the highest European standards


Who is HealthySwim for?

Business clients

By improving your pool management business processes, our pool service adds high value and quality for your customers.

Upgrade your pool systems and start saving costs from day one.

Private clients

HealthySwim is the ultimate solution for your pool – constant remote control and flawless water for you and your family. A pool service maintenance with guaranteed quality and results to the highest European norms and standards.

Why is HealthySwim the right choice?

HealthySwim is swimming pool water disinfection technology, ensuring cost reduction, quality improvement and process control.

Our swimming pool service includes:

Technical audit
of the existing installation
of the swimming pool

Schedule for
improvement of costs
and processes

Schedule for
Modernization and
return on investment

and monitoring

and consultations

and post-warranty
support services

Choose the inteligent care for your swimming pool!