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What is the Pool and Spa Operator Certification Course?


Swimming attracts millions of visitors annually and is one of the most popular recreational activities. There are thousands of public pools in our country, including hotels and fitness centers with pools for sports, relaxation and therapy. In order to maintain health and safety conditions, water facilities need appropriately trained managers to operate their activities.

Pools and spas require daily maintenance. More and more countries around the world are looking to appoint registered pool and spa operators to directly supervise facilities. These operators should not only look after the appropriate appearance of the facility, but also after the safety of the water and of the surrounding environment for visitors. A professional swimming pool operator is someone who has knowledge of pool and spa operation, water disinfection, water balance, circulation and filtration, as well as disease prevention and pool maintenance. Certification as a pool operator requires the successful completion of a course and passing an exam.

The Certified Pool Operator (CPO) qualification offers several benefits to professionals working in the pool and spa industry:


  • It validates the expert’s professionalism, knowledge and skills necessary for effective pool and spa management and maintenance.


  • It offers additional opportunities for professional growth. Many employers prefer to hire certified pool operators because they see them as qualified and competent professionals.


  • The CPO qualification process includes the training and the subsequent exam that develop knowledge of water treatment, chemicals, safety, pool and spa management. This enables operators to work more efficiently and overcome challenges with ease.


  • Improvement of water safety and quality, which guarantees clean and healthy water for the consumers.


  • Knowledge and compliance with regulations and standards;


The training course for obtaining a Certificate provides systematized knowledge and information in an accessible language, covering the following mandatory topics:

  • Swimming Pool and Spa Code and Certified Pool Operator (CPO) Code
  • Correct calculations for swimming pools
  • Types of filters and filtration
  • Pool water circulation and recirculation equipment
  • Pool water disinfection and chemical balance
  • Pool water testing
  • Spa and thermal pools
  • Pool management
  • Maintenance of swimming pools and spa centers
  • Possible problems in the operation of a pool and chemical corrections of the water balance
  • Care of seasonal pools
  • Energy conservation and alternative energy sources
  • Energy management
  • Reconstruction and modernisation
  • Prevention of diseases and accidents

It is suitable for both managers and owners of swimming facilities, as well as for companies and maintenance personnel. The CPO certification is a proof of professionalism and qualification of the pool and spa manager and enables them to provide higher quality services to clients by maintaining high standards.



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