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What is PHTA and what is its role in enhancing safety standards in public pools?

The Pool & Hot Tub Alliance (PHTA) is the world’s oldest and largest organization focused on the safety and industry responsibilities in the filed of public pools and spa centers. We will briefly summarize everything about the essence and role of PHTA in terms of enhancing the safety standards in the industry in the following artcle.

What is PHTA?

PHTA is the largest industry organization in the world accredited by ANSI (the American National Standards Institute). It was founded in 1983.

It is the only recognized standard development organization for swimming pools and hot tubs, which also promotes and develops particular standards on a national level.

Who are the members of PHTA?


PHTA encompasses an extremely broad group of people, whose occupations and/or activities are in one way or another related to the management and maintenance of public pools and/or spa centres. Here we could mention the following groups of people:

  • Owners and managers of swimming pools, spa centres and other facilities offering similar services;
  • Manufacturers of products used for the construction and maintenance of such facilities and/or experts whose services are in the industrial sector;
  • Builders, designers, distributors, suppliers and retailers, as well as service technicians, whose business is related to swimming pools, hot tubs and all other types of water facilities.

PHTA works for the benefit of the public providing information and knowledge about everything related to the aquatics industry, ranging from international regulatory practice to current trends and consumer attitudes in the sector.

What does PHTA do?

The goal of PHTA is not only to enhance the business success of its own members, but also to exercise control ensuring the safety of the consumers of swimming pools and spa facilities. The tools used by PHTA are:

  • Offering opportunities to share experience, education and training resources for participants to expand their business and their personal development.
  • Improving the business environment in the field by advocating good practices and fair competition and promoting the benefits of the aquatics industry.
  • Creating programs to enable its members to successfully achieve their business objectives while adhering to high criteria and strictly established quality standards for facilities and services.

What is the mission, vision and main purpose of PHTA?

PHTA promotes the creation of safe and healthy environment in pools and spa facilities in order to keep their visitors satisfied while protecting the industry’s interest by means of:

  • Providing access to resources for members to support and expand their businesses;
  • Advocacy – it aims at improving the business environment by advocating and promoting the benefits of its activities for water sports;
  • Developing standards and innovations, conducting in-depth research and studies in order to achieve the highest levels of safe, comfortable and healthy environment.


This is all with a view to enhancing the professionalism, knowledge and competitiveness of the individual members.

Why is PHTA standardization so important?

The primary role of PHTA standardization is to contribute to responsible attitude, quality and safety of products, facilities and services, but its significance extends to many other aspects as well. The organization fosters awareness of the pool and spa industry among inspectors, builders, and health departments. Last but not least, PHTA also collaborates with legislative bodies and assists in the amendment and implementation of new standards and regulations.

What is the PHTA Certified Pool&Spa Operator certification and why is it necessary?

The CPO certification program is an international training and certification program for pool maintenance personnel developed according to the highest industry standards. Over 650 000 professionals worldwide have been trained since 1973. The training is suitable for anyone involved in the management or maintenance of public pools or spa facilities, such as hotel managers, pool and spa managers, maintenance technicians, etc.

The program provides guidance in accordance with the current regulations related to the water chemistry, filtration, pool circulation, pool safety equipment and implementation of good practices. Skills to identify potential hazards and take measures to prevent them are also acquired.

CPO certification provides individuals with the knowledge, techniques, and skills required for proper pool operations. It signifies the competence of the certified professional.

In 2023 all members of the team of Healthy Swim received CPO (Certified Pool Operator) certification form PHTA so that we can be confident in the quality of services and expertise we can offer to our customers. We believe that investing in education and training is the path to creating a successful and sustainable business. Contact us to discuss how we can assist you.

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